"Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, or Regular?"

Have you ever asked yourself what are the benefits of diversity in the workplace?

Are you using the talents of the whole team?

DIVERSITY 101: Diversity Awareness – ONSITE
“More than a Pair of Hands” Understanding, Appreciating, and Valuing Diversity in the Workplace.

DIVERSITY 102: Cultural Diversity – ONSITE
Race, Politics, Social, and Cultural Workplace Ethics.

DIVERSITY 103: Workplace Discrimination – ONSITE
Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace. Topics include racial discrimination, gender discrimination and improving racial and gender communication skills.

Our DIFFCOM programs provide Conflict Resolution Traning Techinques, focusing on Style, Strategy and Skills. For more information on our Team Building program objectives:

  • DIVERSITY 101: Diversity Awareness
  • DIVERSITY 102: Cultural Diversity
  • DIVERSITY 103: Workplace Discrimination
Come to one of our DIFFCOM sessions and experience our Diversity Training Training Tools, Tips and Techniques.

Conflict Management Training

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