"Let's talk over coffee"

Have you ever wondered how to stop a colleague from giving a dissertation when you just asked "how's the weather?

Do you wish the ever-present, "polite" backbiting in your workplace team would just go away?

Can't deal with "violently agreeing" with your bullying boss?

Then ask yourself the following questions:

    Is dealing with conflict a big part of the day?
    Is there a bully or bullying in the workplace?
    Has work become a hostile environment?
    Is there a lack of racial diversity?
    Is your team afraid to tackle unfamiliar tasks?
    Are there episodes of harrassment or violence?
    Does your team work together to solve problems?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, consider conflict management training to tame your workplace team.

San Francisco, California based Gibson Washington Consulting (GWC) has helped organizations navigate through these murky waters, allowing workplace groups to be more productive, more profitable, more equitable, and more fun.

Lori and her conflict management partners are available to work their magic by facilitating workplace conflict and diversity workshops that engage audiences, establish an open environment that allows for respectfully honest discussion and fun interactions.

Just think, soon you too can have a short, pleasant agreeable work conversation over coffee!

Conflict Management Training

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